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    Illinois' 1st Congressional District

What Does It Mean to Be a Part of a Congressional District?

Each of the 435 congressional districts in the United States has a population of around 710,000 people. Each district elects a two-year representative to the United States House of Representatives. Members are also known as congressman and congresswomen.

For staggered 6-year terms, each state elects two senators to the US Senate. Senators are elected by the residents of the state to represent them.

What is the 1st Congressional District of Illinois?

The district is based in Cook County and encompasses majority of Chicago's South Side as well as parts of Joliet. It encompassed 97.84 square miles between 2003 and early 2013, extending into the city's southwest suburbs until nearing the border of Will County.

Since 1929, the 1st has been represented by an African-American Member of Congress, the longest continuous period of Black representation in any House of Representatives constituency. According to the 2010 census, the population is 51.3 percent African American, 40.6 percent white, and 9.8 percent Hispanic.

Democratic Primary Election Results of March 17, 2020

Illinois' 1st Congressional District

Bobby Rush

94,863 Votes
71.5% of Democratic Votes
Additional Information

Sarah Gad

13,783 Votes
10.3% of Democratic Votes
Additional Information

Robert Emmons Jr.

13,628 Votes
10.3% of Democratic Votes
Additional Information

Ameena Matthews

10,409 Votes
7.8% of Democratic Votes
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